Performance and Application of Aluminum Plate and Aluminum Coil铝板,是指用铝材或铝合金资料制成的板型资料。或者说是由扁铝胚经加热、轧延及拉直或固溶时效热等过程制造而成的板型铝制品。
  Aluminum sheet refers to the shape information made of aluminium or aluminium alloy materials. In other words, flat aluminium products are produced by heating, rolling, straightening or solution aging heat of flat aluminium embryos.
  Aluminum sheets used in buildings include single-layer aluminium sheets, composite aluminium sheets and other materials. Usually, single-layer aluminium sheets (also known as single-layer aluminium sheets or pure aluminium sheets) are often used in architectural decoration projects. In recent years, single-layer aluminium sheets are commonly used in aluminium curtain walls. Aluminum curtain wall is also a way of curtain wall. Simply speaking, it is made of aluminium plate instead of glass. Aluminum plate curtain wall is mostly used as wall shelter and non-daylighting wall.
  Aluminum sheet curtain wall in foreign countries has been continuously selected single-layer aluminum sheet. Single-layer aluminium sheets are usually pure aluminium sheets. The thickness of aluminium sheet is 3 mm. In order to enhance the strength of aluminium sheet, on the opposite side of aluminium sheet, it is necessary to install reinforcing ribs (the existing manufacturers are uneasy). The reinforcing ribs are made of thick aluminium strips. First, a screw cap is welded on the opposite side of aluminium sheet by flash welding machine, and then the drill hole of aluminium strip used as reinforcing ribs is inserted into the screw and fixed by In order to reduce the weight of aluminium sheet and increase the strength of aluminium sheet, aluminium sheet is used in our country. Aluminum sheet pressed by No. 21 anti-rust aluminium code LF21 is often used as curtain wall aluminium sheet. The thickness of aluminium sheet is reduced from 3 mm to 2.5 mm, and the strength of the alloy is about twice as high as that of pure aluminium sheet. The reinforcing ribs are made of LF21 aluminium strip. The width and thickness of the aluminium strip are determined by the surface of the aluminium plate. The common thickness is 2-2.5 mm and the width is 10-25 mm. The reason why reinforcement bars should be installed on the opposite side of aluminium plate curtain wall is that under positive and negative external pressure, the aluminium plate will not sink or bulge out, which prevents the vibration sound produced by repeated internal and external vibration of aluminium plate curtain wall. If sound insulation is required, rock wool, slag wool or foamed disposal can be placed inside the aluminium plate.

  There are two ways to dispose the exterior of aluminium curtain wall panel, one is anodic oxidation, the other is electrostatic spraying. Anodized oxide film is usually more than 12 mu. As long as the color is bronze and white, the color is monotonous. The more serious defect is that the color of each aluminium panel is different. Many curtain panels are combined together to form a curtain wall, and the overall effect is very ugly. This defect can not be eliminated, it is not formed by consumption technology, but because the aluminum plate is not a batch number, chemical composition, there are small differences, coupled with the oxidation of electrolyte current density and other elements can not be completely the same, so the color after oxidation is almost different, a single sheet may not be obvious, if they are arranged together is very obvious. Therefore, the exterior disposal of the aluminium sheet of the aluminium curtain wall must not be anodized.
  Another way to dispose of the exterior of aluminium curtain wall is electrostatic spraying. Spraying is divided into powder spraying and liquid spraying. The main data of powder spraying are: polyurethane, swelling resin, epoxy resin and other raw materials with high color retention pigments, dozens of different color spraying powder can be obtained. The spraying powder is collision resistant and abrasion resistant. Under 50 kg impact, the aluminium plate is deformed, the spraying coating has no cracks, no falling layer is intact and intact, and it is anti-dilute acid and mortar. The unique defect is afraid of the long-term reflection of ultraviolet radiation, and it is easy to produce the difference between the color of Yin and Yang in a few years. Many domestic manufacturers consume spraying powder, the weight difference is very big, some powder containing gold dust after hanging on the wall, with the change of sunshine angle, day and evening have changed, wall color is different, choose powder spraying paint to arouse attention.

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