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  Product structure of shutter factory: shutter consists of upper rail, blade, lower rail, trim, ladder belt, rotary bar and pulling rope.
  Second, product characteristics:
  1. The blades are made of imported high-quality aluminium alloy materials, double-sided enamel varnish and export-oriented accessories.
  2. It has excellent shading and shading, good flexibility, not easy to deform, heat insulation and sun shading, and obstructs the ultraviolet function.
  3. Aluminum shutter cloth is widely used, and it is the best choice for you to control light and privacy. It has excellent shading and shading, and can adjust light according to your needs arbitrarily.
  4. Aluminum shutter cloth leaves have smooth appearance, excellent handle, rich color, excellent resilience and endurance.
  5、铝合金帘片外表色彩选用标准标准的不含铅涂层油漆、抗晒、抗热度极高, p 2x2工业铝型材厂家直销
  5. The exterior color of aluminium alloy curtain is made of lead-free coating paint, sun-proof and heat-proof according to international standard. It is sold directly by aluminium profile manufacturer of P 2X 2 industry.
  6、不会因长时间的阳光照耀而形成褪色。百叶帘选用了热反射率高的铝制叶片,能反射大多数阳光热量,有助于进步空调的冷热作用,到达节能的意图。 铝百叶窗布上、下轨迹选用优质铝材限制一体成型,涂层选用静电粉末喷涂技术。
  6. It will not fade due to long sunshine. The blinds are made of aluminium blades with high thermal reflectivity, which can reflect most of the sunlight and heat. It helps to improve the cooling and heating effect of air conditioning and achieve the purpose of energy saving. The upper and lower trajectories of the aluminum louver cloth are confined by high quality aluminum material, and the electrostatic powder spraying technology is used for the coating.
  7. Iron roof grooves, bottom grooves and device codes are disposed of by varnish coatings of different colors.
  8. Aluminum louvers are 1.6 cm wide, 2.5 cm, 5.0 cm thick and 0.18 mm thick. They have excellent resilience and endurance.

  9. The ladder belt is woven into ladder shape by four groups of fibers, which is useful to ensure the long-term use of ladder rope and is not easy to crack. The distance between the ladder belt and the U-shaped industrial aluminium profile manufacturer is directly sold. The stacking and undulating of the curtain sheets is 4 mm, which ensures the shading effect of the curtain sheets.
  Protective cleaning:
  1. Use imported silicone oil blowout locks regularly to smooth and ensure smooth operation.
  2. Use cloth duster broom as regular dusting disposal, use hand-held vacuum cleaner with brush to vacuum window cloth, dip soft cloth or sponge in warm water to wipe part.
  四、适用范围: 企业厂区、住所家居、医院、校园和各种商业修建
  IV. Scope of application: company factory, residence, home, hospital, campus and various commercial construction
  In the selection of window cloth, louvers (breathable window cloth) have many common advantages compared with ordinary cloth window cloth.
  1. Use blinds to hide electrical appliances: Air-conditioning cabinets are often installed in the living room. How to make air-conditioning a part of indoor harmony is a practical problem many people will encounter in decoration. This method is to make a niche for air conditioning, install shutters on the outside, open the shutters when in use, close the shutters when not necessary, so that air conditioning becomes a part of the home.
  2. The software window for selecting aluminium profiles in blinds industry reveals a happy feeling: I occasionally visited my brother's home one evening and came to the small garden surrounded by the apartment. Looking up, the window with shutters in the brothers'house was particularly conspicuous. Almost all the other window cloths are made of cloth, revealing either bright or dark disordered light; and the light from the shutters not only reveals a little bit of the disordered mystery of Dalang industrial aluminium profiles in Shenzhen, but also reveals a little joy.
  3. Use shutters to adjust light: In the common people's ideological formula, the only way to adjust the sunshine at home is window cloth, which is not always the case. It's a good way to learn the way of life of foreigners and customize the shutters. The advantage of louvers is that they can adjust the indoor light from the view of the louvers. Good louvers are useful and beautiful, and save the cost of window cloth.

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